Deciphering ‘Collective Responsibility’

Collective Responsibility

The suggested topic heading is:-

“Collective Responsibility”

accordingly, I offer the following:-

Collective responsibility

let us examine the term,

firstly then the word responsibility

is it about a response?

Might it be about something that’s done again? Thereby possibly highlighting the first two letters:- re-,

might it be asking or indicating how one responds?

At the end of the day, what EXACTLY is a responsibility? Who or what provides the criteria by which we might measure this phenomena?

What parameters, if any, do we use in order to delineate, or place boundaries on our responsibilities?

We might now move on to the word Collective, this word implies a choice, referring to the part of the word that says “lective”,

then the prefix- “co”, often indicating togetherness, or with.

Together then, the two words, “collective responsibility”, might imply “choices” (electives”, which we make in conjunction with others.

This brings to mind a single word:-

“consensus” !

Often throughout our¬† (humanities) “recorded history”, there is a lot of forced, might that be enforced collective responsibility ?

There are also recorded instances of collective responsibility which appear to have been voluntarily entered into.

Humans, could indeed work together, however because we are human we are constantly looking for either the catch, or, how we as individuals might benefit from this alleged cooperation.

The “what’s in it for me” syndrome.

I remember a quote, now I’m not sure which American president it was that said it:-

” ask not what the country can do for me , but ask instead what can I do for my country?”

using this as a basis one might alternatively ask:-

not how can the rest of Mankind help me, but instead, ask how might I in my small way help others?

This more inclusive thought might offer the beginnings of something we might refer to as collective responsibility.

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Working in the Old ways


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