Nature bites back?

Collective Responsibility

As we near the end of February 2020 one has to wonder if Nature has decided to give us a stark reminder of who’s really in charge.

Even taking modest notes, it can be observed that there has been:

  • Bushfires raging in Australia
  • Extreme Flooding in Britain, South America and the USA
  • Plagues of locusts attacking crops in Africa and Asia
  • A new type of dangerous corona virus approaching pandemic status

If we are to examine these events individually there might not be such great cause for alarm, after all bad things are bound to happen somewhere eventually. But it is now the scale and timing of these disasters that should really be getting our attention. If we reflect upon the fact that they have all come about in the first 2 months of a new decade there has to be some semblance of chance that something else has clicked into gear and forces that were previously friendly have now turned hostile.

Of course we are all good at blaming these sort of things on everything but the real problem. People. There can surely be little cause to doubt that everything that happens in the natural world around us is a closely related by-product of our own actions. There can be little doubt that people are the problem, people will pay the price, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that only people are the solution.

Will these stark warning signs finally register with the climate change deniers? Will the ignorant braggarts who continue to sell the benefits of fossil fuels and economic growth over long term survival, finally wake up and smell the coffee? If a virus can nearly shut down China completely what could it do to the rest of the world over the next few months?

Nature is a wonderful provider but also a ruthless adversary. She does not care about wealth, fame, status or importance. If the balance is upset too far she can and will take action and maybe this is just a taste of what could be in store. Who would really want to provoke her further?

Make no mistake, mankind is extremely vulnerable to nature’s wrath. Some will no doubt get hung up on a biblical significance in what is going on. A plague of locusts certainly conjures up images of a coming apocalypse, a sinister warning of what is possible when respect is not given and more is taken than is needed.

Is more prayer really the answer though? It certainly might make some feel better, but how does prayer alone change anything? Real change comes from actions as well as intentions. From this writer’s perspective, God didn’t do this, we did this to each other, and being part of nature we owe it to her to make amends, and fast.

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