An unpaid debt?

Collective Responsibility

Do you, like me, find yourself questioning whether we are precipitously close to tipping our planetary home beyond a point of no return sometime soon? A point upon which nature would casually shake us off as a dog might shake off droplets of water after an outing into a lake?

I have been an avid follower of world events for many years now. Thanks to the Internet (or not) we are more aware than ever of the relentless destruction and over exploitation of our world’s natural resources that is going on. Resources that it is dubious that we could ever rightfully claim ownership of in the first place. As we endlessly continue exploit and consume I find myself forced to consider the question: When might this collosal debt need to be paid back?

Rather than seeing ourselves as the almightily powerful and rightful owners of this ball of spinning mass in outer space, I am wondering if all along we have merely been trustees tasked with keeping it in good working order for the benefit of all life that exists upon it?

It is apparent to me that nature has her own means to make us take note and consider our position. One might even wonder whether she has already started to do so. But will we take heed in time? There is no greater danger to humankind right now than the existential threat of self destruction. I have been watching this tragedy unfold for too long now and it is time for me to use my intent to promote as much awareness as possible to find a way back out of this dead end.

I do not have boundless cash or even time resources, if only I did have I would be doing much more to raise awareness than I am presently doing. But in creating this site I am, at the very least, doing something constructive. Every day I am grateful to this planet for providing me with the resources I need to stay alive and be this entity that I call ‘me’. Every day that I continue to see nature abused for profit or greed I am more determined to do as much as I can to change what might otherwise be an inevitable outcome.

The future is not looking like a great place to be right now. If we even manage to avoid nuclear catastrophe in the first instance then there is likely to be even greater inequality and competition for resources in the not too distant future. If we already look bad for our selfish ways now then what might we look like when there is more to feed and less to feed them? This is already a recipe for disaster and it will take the utmost will and determination to change this.

This will not be an easy task, the most intelligent species on the planet is unfortunately not worthy of that title. Ignorance and greed abound. This job will require some help, if you have a care in the world like me perhaps you might join me in this quest and we can work together to restore some balance back into the World? If I didnt believe in my ability to cause change I would have not even bothered to write this. And if you did not in some way believe in what I have written you would probably not even bothered to read this far.

The collective power of determined individuals cannot be understated. We have more power than we realise. I hope that you will take this opportunity to participate in the solution rather than the problem. Please explore this site further if this sounds like something you may be interested in. If you would like to contribute to this cause in any way then any help is welcome. Whatever brought you here, I hope you now leave with more to think about than when you arrived…

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