Is Intelligence a myth?

Human Intelligence


Humans like to ascribe some credence to their endeavours and discoveries as going some way to proving that they are intelligent beings, but is it fair to judge the achievements of a few as the sum of progress for the whole?

As many attempt to move ever closer to the holy grail of Artificial General Intelligence I cannot help but wonder if we humans are even qualified to determine if something else is ‘intelligent’ when we could scarecely prove our own intelligence, let alone that of an inanimate object. Are we just kidding ourselves into believing we are a truly intelligent species or are we intelligent but with caveats perhaps?

Would a truly intelligent being display such beligerance to its life support machine? An author, polymath and all around knowledgable person that I pay particular attention to of late is a certain Noam Chomsky, if you ignore the propaganda that he is unpatriotic or the intellectual tool of the hard liberal left (which is all nonsense by the way), Mr Chomsky puts forward a very interesting question in a number of his publicly available talks on YouTube. He raises the question, is it better to be smart or stupid?

If we look at the evidence available so far it would appear that being the most ‘aware’ mammal on the planet has done us very few favours. The ‘so called’ lower forms of life however, do not exhibit our self destructive tendencies, in fact one might wonder if this world might be a better place without us altogether?

Has this alleged increase in intelligence over the course of our evolution brought with it unparalled arrogance? Without any recent tangible evidence of Gods existence in the modern world have we now decided that through technology we can now assume the role for ourselves? I watch with considerable alarm the comments of certain influential members of society who identify as ‘trans-humanists’ that are eagerly wanting to upgrade their particularly limited human bodies so that they can live for hundreds of years through technology.

I will write about this chilling development in further posts, but for now I will simply pose the following question, did they ever stop to consider that they are actually meant to die? Our technological developments have brought many wonders to the world but on the flip side they have also brought a great many ills and for those that cannot accept their mortality I struggle to understand why they are not putting all of their effort into making the future a more desirable place to be before trying to reach it before anyone else?

Despite the wishes of the transhumanists I am of the opinion that nature is and always has been one step ahead of us. We are learning all the time, more and more people are starting to wake up from this slumber and realise that we are all in this together, to do nothing is to wait for the end credits. I would like to put the idea forward that right now, as I write this, human consciousness is evolving more now than it has done in the last five hundred years.

We are starting to regain an awareness that has faded into obscurity since the days of our stone age ancestors, the recognition that all life is joined together like the strands of a spiders web. Upset the balance at our peril. We are yet to prove our true claim to the lofty realms of intelligent beings but what we can probably start to claim with some confidence is our ever increasing awareness that we are both the problem and the solution to all of the threats to our existence.